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Bed and Breakfast - St Ives, Cornwall


Various short break deals available for further information call us on 01736 798684


Chy an Gwedhen

COVID 19 Policy

We want to create a safe environment for both guests and staff alike, in order to achieve this we have put the following in place:

Checking in:

We will discuss arrival times with guests ensuring that all check ins are of a sufficient distance apart so that when you arrive you have time and space to unload your belongings. We will manage the timings so that no one else checks in at the same time. Please respect the social distancing rules, currently one metre, preferably two. We will be wearing PPE where required such as Face masks.

Hand Sanitizer Points:

We have installed hand sanitiser points at several locations in the property, inside the conservatory, in the entrance hall and in the dining room, for guests to use when entering or leaving. We encourage guests to use these regularly. We also encourage guests to wash hands regularly as per Government guidelines.


We will be offering 2 breakfast sittings with each sitting reserved for 2 rooms to ensure social distancing is maintained between guests. We have a pre order system in place and orders can be texted to us or by means of a printed tick box menu. We operate a waitress service only breakfast and this will remain in place.

General Cleaning & House-keeping:

We have suspended the daily cleaning service for rooms. Arrangements will be made for fresh towels to be provided as required. Toiletries are available on request. We are sanitising frequently touched areas more regularly, such as door handles, light switches etc. Rooms are disinfected thoroughly between bookings and where possible are left unoccupied for at least 72 hours.

Information station:

During your stay you will see plenty of literature telling you about all the lovely places to visit and walks to take. This will be in the form of leaflets and we ask that if you touch one, you take it out of the stand and keep for the duration of your stay. If any leaflets are left in the room after departure they will disposed of responsibly.


We have removed all the soft furnishings and non essential items from the rooms. Items such as Irons and Hairdryers etc will be available on request and disinfected ready for the next guest to use. Where possible we will use different items for each guest and 72 hours will then be left before reuse. Staff will only enter your room during your stay in the event of an emergency.

All linen will be sent for appropriate washing following guest departures however, if a guest would feel more comfortable bringing their own Towels and/or linen please let us know. Guests are welcome to bring their own pillows and duvets should they prefer.

Distancing between guests:

We respectfully request that guests maintain a safe distance between each other, currently one metre, preferably two, unless travelling together.

If you fall ill prior to your stay:

If you show symptons of the Corona virus prior to your stay, you must inform us immediately and not come on holiday.

If you fall ill during your stay:

If you have symptoms of the Virus during your stay, you must stay in your room and contact us by phone. To keep other guests and ourselves safe, we will request for your prompt departure.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

This policy will be updated in line with government advice/instructions.

A Risk Assessment is available for your perusal if required.

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